• Kids will be provided high level coaching for all levels of play. This year we have increased and improved our system in a way that gives juniors  the most possible court time, experience, and fun!
  • The juniors will be developing skills at a much faster rate than ever before, learning all the basic fundamentals of the game while still providing an enjoyable experience.
  • We will be running more sessions a week with several different days and times to best accommodate busy parent schedules.
  • The programs run Mon/Wed/Sat/Sun, with the intention for parents to pick one week day and one weekend day for their child’s lessons. Alternatives can be requested but preferences will be made for weekday/weekend combinations.
girl with tennis racket


These programs are best suited for players with little or no previous tennis experience. At this level, we lay a foundation that enables players to serve, rally and score. We teach basic tactical and technical skills including ball controls, racquet controls, grip, set-up, impact point, hitting zone, footwork. By using age-level-appropriate teaching methodology and equipment, we offer players more enjoyment, faster progress, and a solid foundation.


Players are introduced to the game in an easy and fun way. Using low compression Red balls, players will make the transition from pre-rally skills and learn to serve, rally, and score in Red (½) tennis court.


Players are introduced to the game in an easy and fun way. Using 50% lower compression Orange balls, players will learn to serve, rally, and score in Orange (¾) tennis court.


Players are introduced to the game in an easy and fun way. Using 25% lower compression green balls, players will learn to serve, rally, and score in Green (full) tennis court.

*New This Year: fundamental classes to introduce beginners to the sport of tennis and intermediate options for those returning players ready for a challenge

*please note new holiday exclusions this year

Term 1
14 classes
April 20th – June 13th*

*excluding Victoria Day long weekend

Term 2
14 classes
June 18th – Aug 14th*

*excluding Canada and BC day long weekends

Term 3
14 classes
Aug 17th – Oct 10th*

*excluding Labour Day and Thanksgiving long weekends

Each Child

  • Programs are subject to availability.
  • Classes and times are subject to minimum and maximum registration levels.
  • We may suggest your child be assigned to another class due to age or ability.
  • These classes will have a maximum of 6:1 ratio for students to instructor.
  • Classes canceled due to weather will be made up by using alternative weekend days and possibly alternative weeknights.
  • Makeup dates are scheduled for class cancellations only. Requests can be made to accommodate schedule conflicts if there are available spaces in other classes.
  • Your child needs to come dressed for physical activity and bring their own racket.
  • There is a drinking fountain but it is recommended to bring a water bottle.
  • Make sure your child has adequate sun protection on.
  • There is only one bathroom at the facility.
  • We don’t have the ability to supervise children prior to or following their lessons. Please drop off and pick up as timely as possible.
  • If for any reason makeup dates cannot be scheduled, a refund representing the portion of the lessons missed will be refunded.
  • We target having 6-8 kids in a class maximum.
  • General Racket Size recommendation:
    • 4-5 years size 21”
    • 6-8 year size 23”
    • 8-11 years size 25”