1. What is the Competitive Ladder?

The Competitive Ladder is a club system to group player members of similar abilities. The members are encouraged to participate in ladder matches as practice for the club’s competitive events and sanctioned events when they resume.

Members are seeded for the club competitive singles events based on their  ladder ranking.

MRTC is currently using www.tennisrungs.com software for this service.

Please download the Tennisrungs app from the App store (iOS) or Google Play (Android).

Please check the links below for more information: 

Youtube Video – Tennis Ladders You’ll Love to Run
Youtube Video – TennisRungs Mobile App Released!

2. How does the Ladder work?

Members simply download the free tennis rungs app as outlined above. Please make sure that the time zone is set to Pacific Time (US & Canada) so you will not miss your matches. 

Members click and choose opponents to setup matches and report scores.

3. How do you sign up for the Ladder?

Upon joining the club as either a Combined Social Tennis & Competitive Ladder member or just a Competitive Ladder member, each person is entered into the ladder automatically.

4. What happens once you’ve been added to the Ladder?

When the player is added to the ladder the player receives the welcome e-mail with the ladder rules and guidelines. New members are entered into the ladder on a first come first serve basis and are placed at the bottom of the ladder. New players have wild cards to challenge everyone they wish for their first match in order to establish their place and skill level. All you need to do is open the tennisrungs app, select the player you would like to play with and enjoy the match. It is that simple!