Over 25 Years Of Great Tennis

The Maple Ridge Tennis Club was formed in 1981 and became incorporated in 1985. The first meeting took place in a room overlooking Maple Ridge’s ‘Outside’ swimming pool, which was located in the down town core. Playing was at the Garibaldi courts.

Three among the initial drive establishing the club were Bill Shavaga, Doug Burrage and Chris Dyveston. The club rapidly grew in membership, hosting Provincial Tournaments and fielding a strong men’s league team. One Open Tournament, held at the Maple Ridge High School, saw Bill Shavaga climb to first place in the men’s singles, taking it from a six time winner. (It was an excellent game to watch) Bill was one of the main forces in establishing the club, operating it and organized the tennis for the 1983 Summer Games.

The years 92/94 saw a decline in competition participation and play due to illness, injuries and players moving away. Though ill, Bill Shavaga continued to support the club and helped, over a few difficult years, to successfully keep it running.

The club began a resurgence and in 1998 moved to the newly built Thomas Haney courts. Under the leadership and organizational skills of Joe Crowell the club ran the tennis event of the 1998 Summer Games. Joe was also a strong advocate for the courts being built at Thomas Haney.

The club has participated in the Summer Beach League. After many meetings and many years, 2006 saw the installation of lights at the Thomas Haney venue. The club continues to grow and in the last few years, an extremely successful youth program has been developed and run by the club’s President, Malcolm Lissone.

We use the Municipal courts for our hours of play and the relationship between the Maple Ridge Tennis Club and the Municipality of Maple Ridge has always been one of mutual respect and cooperation with the one wish – to provide Maple Ridge with an avenue to meet and join others in the sport of tennis.

We are currently in the process of trying to get a club house. The club holds inter-club tournaments, socials and winds up the year with a fun get together.

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