Social Tennis 2021

Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6:00pm


The aim of social tennis is for members to share their enjoyment in the game with many of the other club members, and to play against players with similar skill levels to their own.

By changing partners and opponents regularly, we get to mix with other members and thereby also including any new members. Because tennis is mostly enjoyed with others close to your own skill level, we have tried to build a system that naturally organizes people according to their abilities.

Trying to develop the perfect system is difficult, but we have tried many other options and found these to work the best. This is how we are organizing it for the start of this year.


Maple Ridge Tennis Club: Social Tennis Rules 2021

  • Social tennis starts at 6pm on Tuesday and Thursday. Players generally show up ½ hr to ¾ hr ahead of time to warm up.
  • We play doubles only with short sets of 4 games (total) only with no-add scoring after the first deuce point has already been played. The 2nd deuce point decides the game. The receiving team decides which side they will receive on. This can result in tie sets.
  • After each set you change partners until you have played one set with each other person on that court, a total of 12 games.
  • You score a point for each game you win. At the end of the session, you will have between 0 and 12 points. This needs to be written on the score sheets provided. Write your score down between every partner switch on the score sheets provided.
  • After the session is finished, the player with the most points move up to the next court (east), the person with the lowest scores move down to a lower court (west). In the event of a tie for first the higher ranked player for that evening will be considered first. In the event of a tie for fourth the lower ranking player for that evening will be considered fourth.
  • You are expected to complete all 3 sets on a court before leaving. Leaving before 3 sets are played completely disrupts the enjoyment of others. Doing so will result in warnings and/or exclusion from Social Tennis.
  • New perspective members can join in 2 nights before choosing to join the club or not.


  • Your scores each night will be added to a progressive scoring sheet that averages your last 4 match results (a match is 12 games). This way players that can’t come out every night or players that join in late aren’t disadvantaged by a reduced number of games.
  • Your ranking, or score average will determine your starting position for the first Social Tennis night of the next week. They will be published and made available by one of the event organizers.
  • We will reverse the current court numbers so that court 5 is the highest level, court 1 is the beginner’s level. Each social tennis night, you will get your new ranking. The ranking will work as follows:
    • You will have a ranking between 1 and 6, based on your last 4 matches.
    • Your ranking will determine your starting court. A ranking of between 1 and less than 2 starts on court 1, a ranking of between 3 and less than 4 means you start on court 4 and so on.
    • The rankings are calculated by dividing the games one by 12 and adding the court number, ie. If you win 4 games out of 12, you would get .33 + your court number such as 4 = 4.33 and then averaging your last 4 matches.
    • Theses ranks will be available at the sign-up sheet when you arrive.
    • Courts are filled in the order people come in.
    • You can play on the court of your ranking or one below but understand playing on a lower court will lower your ranking.
  • The score sheets will be gathered at the end of each night and an event organizer will enter the scores and publish the rankings once each week for the first Social Tennis night of the next week.

Subbing in

  • When we have more people than spaces on courts, we follow this process.
    • You can sub in to the court of your ranking or 1 lower only, providing that there are not 4 people also waiting on that court. Understand the scoring system and that by subbing down a court, you may lower your running average or rank.
    • Before subs are done, all players move courts after their sets, 1st place moves up a court, 4th place moves down a court.
    • Then players that have been waiting come on to the court and take off people in this order:
      • The player that just came down from the higher court.
      • The player that finished 3rdon the last set
      • The player that finished 2ndon the last set
      • The player that just moved up from the lower court
    • We will sub all 4 if we have that many players waiting.
  • *** We will consider having 2 different start times if we have a substantial number of players waiting, but we will evaluate that as this year progresses. The closer we get to having 20 players on courts, the better suited the people on each court will be to play with each other.


            I would like there to be a rotation of at least 4 organizers to run the tennis program each night. These would probably be our executive members or volunteers. These people will only be necessary to clarify the rules or to settle disputes of the rules.

Please Join Us

If you would like to give it a try or join us, the courts are on the west side of 232nd Street between 116th Avenue on the north and Kanaka Way on the south.

Come Visit Us On Tues. or Thurs. Nights