2024 Social Tennis Program

Tuesdays and Thursdays 5:30-9pm
(Weather Permitting)

For this Season we’re going to try something new and implement the internationally recognized Fast-4 format to accommodate:

  • Shorter Sets, allowing 2 Sets to be played per Session, 2 Sessions per night
  • More movement up and down courts in one evening
  • Increased variation in doubles partners and opponents
Rules of Play

The basic format of Fast-4 play is a first to 4 games Set with a tie-break occurring if a Set goes to 3-3.  Each Set is expected to take 20-30 minutes to play out, allowing 4 Sets to be played in an evening.

Warm Up and Starting Positions

  • Courts will be available for warmup as of 5:30PM.
  • The first session will start at 6PM.
  • Starting Court placements and pairings for the 1st Session will be determined by MRTC Ranking (any new Club members without a ranking or members not in good standing* will automatically be started on the lowest court).


  • First-in serve rule applies to the first Set only, both sides for all players.
  • Sudden death on second deuce in games on reaching deuce (40–40).
  • A Set is won if a pair reaches 4 games with a 2-game lead.
  • A Set tie-break takes place if the Set score is 3–3.
  • The Set tie break is won by the first team to win 5 points, with a deciding point, if required, at 4–4 (maximum of 9 points played).
  • Serving format for tie-break is 2-2-2-3.

Rotation Between Sets

  • The winning pair moves up a court, with the exception of Court 1 where the winning pair stays.
  • The losing pair moves down a court, with the exception of the lowest court occupied where the losing pair stays.
  • Everyone has 30 minutes to play a Set (i.e. the first Set concludes at 6:30) at which point the pairings will move up or down regardless of whether the set has been completed. If the number of games won and the current game score are both tied, a deciding point is played with the player due to serve to deliver the final serve.
  • Each pairing from the previous round then splits and pairs with one of the other players on the new court, as determined by the Social Tennis software

Substitutions Between Sessions

  • Substitutions occur at the end of the first Session (after the 2nd Set).
  • Please do not leave until the Session has been completed as it is not fair to the other players on the court.
  • Substitutions will be assigned to courts based on MRTC Ranking.
  • The 2nd Session will start at 7:15pm to allow previous Sets to finish and Substitutions to warm up. Substitutions are recommended to warm up their serve since there will be no first-in serve rule for the second Session.
  • Please arrive before 7pm in order to be considered for substitution in to the second Session.
  • Substitutions for those waiting to come on court will then take place in the following order:
    • The lower ranked player that just came down from the higher court.
    • The higher ranked player that just came down from the higher court.
    • The lower ranked player that just came up from the lower court.
    • The higher ranked player that just came up from the lower court.
    • Players who were subbed out first on one night will have first right of refusal for the next Social Tennis night.
  • If there are more than 4 substitutes who’s MRTC Ranking would place them on the same court, the substituting player(s) with the lowest MRTC ranking will pushed to the immediately lower court.


How MRTC Ranking is determined

  • A Night Score is determined based on all Sets played in a MRTC social night.
  • The Night Score is the average of all courts played on during the particular evening and includes the court they would have played on after their last Set played. The average is therefore taken for up to 5 courts in an MRTC social night (the 4 courts played on during the 4 Sets, plus the result of their final Set). For example, if a player played on court 3 for their last Set of a particular night and they won their matchup, they are considered to have finished on court 2.
  • The score for a particular court is calculated as six minus the court number:
    • Court 1 has a score of 5
    • Court 2 has a score of 4
    • Etc.
  • Where all 5 courts are not in use during a Set, court 5 is dropped first and so on. This means lower ranked players will accrue high court scores when we do not use all 5 available courts. 
  • MRTC Ranking is the average of a player’s 4 most recent Night Scores.
  • Players who were members of the Club last year and had an MRTC Ranking will have their prior year’s MRTC Ranking counted as a first Night Score in the new season:
    • Their last year’s MRTC ranking determines what court they start on their first night in the new season.
    • After their first MRTC social night, their last year’s MRTC Ranking is considered as a MRTC social night played in the new season and will be averaged with their newly accumulated Night Scores in the new season until they’ve accumulated 4 Night Scores in the current season, at which point last year’s MRTC Ranking is dropped from the calculation. Specifically, last year’s MRTC Ranking for each player is weighted:
      • 50% (1/2) after they’ve played their first MRTC social night
      • 33.33% (1/3) after they’ve played their second MRTC social night
      • 25% (1/4) after they’ve played their third MRTC social night
      • 0% (nil) after they’ve played their fourth MRTC social night
  • Rankings will be updated after each night of social tennis.

Scoring and Ranking Examples

Night Score:

Name Starting Court Set 2 Court Set 3 Court Set 4 Court Set 4 Result Average Court  

Session Score

Carlos Alcaraz 3 2 1 2 1 1.8 4.2
Iga Swiatec 1 1 1 1 1 1.0 5.0
Novak Djokovic 4 5 4 4* 4* 4.2 1.8
Jannik Sinner 4 5 5** 4.67 1.33

*Player lost Set 3 and Set 4, but if other players have left after Set 2 and we no longer have 5 courts, the player does not drop to court 5.

**Player left after first Session (Set 2) but their result from Set 2 is recorded as their Set 3 Court.

MRTC Ranking:

Name MRTC Social Night*  

Session Score

MRTC Ranking**
Carlos Alcaraz 2023 MRTC Ranking 3.80 3.80
Carlos Alcaraz 240409 4.20 4.00
Carlos Alcaraz 240416 4.00 4.00
Carlos Alcaraz 240418 3.20 3.80
Carlos Alcaraz 240423 3.60 3.75
Carlos Alcaraz 240425 4.40 3.80
Carlos Alcaraz 240430 4.80 4.00

*Nights are listed chronologically.

**Average of most recent 4 session scores.

  • The Set format will then be run in the same way as the 1st Session.
  • Only the 2 Sessions will be scored. If players wish to continue playing afterwards, they are welcome to do so on their own.

***Attendees can partake in Social Tennis for the first two nights without requiring a membership in good standing. However, if annual membership dues remain unpaid thereafter, you will not be deemed a member in good standing, will not receive scoring, and will be allocated to the lowest court, following members in good standing and newcomers experiencing Social Tennis for the initial two nights.

Members in good standing (ie. paid up members) will receive a personalized link to a Member Dashboard that will give them access to a pre-registration system for the first session of Social Tennis to prevent attendees from having to wait when court space is exceeded.

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