Monday Doubles 

The objective is to create an environment for players with an NRTP 4.0 + skill level to further improve their skills and overall club experience.

a) How are the players eligible to participate and sign up? 

Players are eligible to participate according to the best result of the last 2 participated doubles competitive events + Invitational. There are currently 16 spots on the signup list eligible for 12 spots on 3 courts. This may change based on the court availability, program popularity and at the discretion of the club executive

b) What does invitational mean? 

Invitational means player ranked past or present at the following tennis sanctioning organizations:

a) ATP/WTA (Association of Tennis Professionals//Women’s Tennis Association)

b) ITF (International Tennis Federation)

c) Tennis Canada/BC Tennis NRTP 4.5 or higher

c) Do the players have a guaranteed place to participate? 

No each player needs to sign up or confirm participation through the Tennis Rungs app used by the club. The sign up for eligible players is on a first come first serve basis through the app.

d) How is the eligibility determined? 

Players participating in the doubles tournament are scored individually. The players on the winning team will get 1 point each, 2nd place 2 points each etc. First 14 players with the lowest point score are eligible to sign up for Monday doubles.

e) What if the players have the same number of points? 

In the case of 4 players having a score of 5 for example the ranking criteria is as follows.

a) Difference between winning and losing games. Higher number higher ranking b) If the score is still even, the ranking in the singles competitive ladder is the decider.


f) When can I confirm my participation? 

  • Any eligible participant can propose a match one week in advance on the Monday for the following Monday.
  • It is encouraged that players confirm their participation as soon as possible as we have more participants than available courts.
  • Current intent is to play a full set to 6 games winning by 2 games. Tie breaks are to 7 points and switch after each set so that everyone can get 3 sets played.
  • If for example there are only 2 or 3 players on the court, they are encouraged to play singles or engage in 3 players drills.
  • It is also encouraged but not mandatory to record the score into the app after each set.

g) Can the Monday doubles player participate on Tuesdays and Thursdays social? 

Absolutely. Any club member in good standing can participate in any program offered by the club.

Participation in the club social events is at the direction of the organizers to help ensure the overall enjoyment of participants.

Have Fun Play Tennis! 

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